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There are several key components to our service, with the promise of results on any project delivered by 1st Call Drainage Solutions. The service includes:

• Unlimited and no-obligation site visits.
• High Volume Low Pressure performace sewer jetting with our specialist Combination Jetting Units.
• Debris removal, restoring Culverts to a free flowing condition.

Other services often supplied with this service:

• Inspections performed with the use of confined space entry or our fully equipped CCTV vehicles.
• Our all terrain Lombrico Suction Tracked Excavator where Confined Space Entry / jetting may not be an option.
• All Terrain Porta Rell system

If you need assistance or advice with any drainage related issue then call 07877 486 679 for a free no obligation consultation.


Culverts are commonly used both as cross-drains for ditch relief and also to channel and direct water below a road or a motorway which allows for natural drainage and stream crossings. A culvert may be a bridge-like structure designed to allow passage for the water and can come in many shapes and sizes including round, elliptical, flat-bottomed, pear-shaped, and box-like to name a few.

It is important to regularly inspect culverts, especially during seasons of heavy rainfall. Poorly designed culverts are more likely to become jammed with sediment and debris during medium to large rain downpour. If the culvert cannot pass the water through it, it then may overflow back to the road/embankment.


Strategically placed culverts help alleviate flooding, reduce erosion and help distribute run-off water to larger filtering areas. They are extremely important in protecting and preserving road beds, ditches, banks, pathways and embankments by collecting and channelling excess water. Their importance merits regular maintenance to ensure they are working efficiently. Here at 1st Call Drainage Solutions we offer a 24/7 flood response service and provide assistance that can deal with any stage of a flood. We can implement schedules and planned works to ensure that the surrounding environment is pollutant-free and safe, decreasing the possibility of further or continued flooding.


At 1st Call Drainage Solutions we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service at competitive rates. For all your domestic and commerical drainage needs, get in touch with us today and we'll be happy to give you a no-obligation quotation.


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